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That Friend

But Ruth replied,“Stop urging me to abandon you! For wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will become my people, and your God will become my God.
Ruth 1:16 NET

True friendship is a very powerful force. It provides the encouragement and inspiration that helps propel you forward to face obstacles in your life. It is what we desire and what we realize is missing when we go it alone. A true friend is a true find!

Although Ruth and Naomi had a mother daughter-in-law relationship, it had grown. After Ruth’s husband died and Naomi decided to move back to Israel, there wasn’t really anything keeping Ruth connected to Naomi.

Naomi even gave her the option to go back to her father’s house. But Ruth didn’t do that. She was connected to Naomi. She was all in!

Do you have people who are all in with you? Do you have friends who know that you are all in with them?

We don’t really have many true friends at one time. Social media has sold a lie that many realize when the chips are down.

But God does brings people in our lives that are close. Sometimes we don’t even realize it.

Cultivate good friendships. Know those that you can trust and that will be there for you.

A friend who will pray with you and give you the truth of God’s Word is worth more than gold.

Look around and identify who God has in your life right now, that you can trust and know they have your spiritual back.

You should be truly grateful for a friend that keeps pointing you to Jesus!

Father, thank You for people in our lives that You send, that care and encourage us. Help me to be a friend that does the same, pointing others to Jesus.


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