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Temporary Suffering

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.  Romans 8:18 NASB

Just look around, there is suffering everywhere! I know family and friends that are going through things that would be considered suffering. It’s not cool. No one in their right mind wants to see someone suffering.

But we were not promised a world or life of ease. Jesus said that we would have suffering.  We live in a fallen, sinful world.  There will be suffering.

The key though is that any suffering we experience is a small fraction of what we “know and experience” when we compare our earthly life to eternity.

One day, all the suffering, all the pain, all the tears won’t even be remembered in light of the glory that Jesus has prepared for us. We can’t even put it into words because our minds cant comprehend how awesome it will be.

Sometimes our suffering seems too much.  But Paul would encourage us to contemplate a time when it will end and completely turn to an incomparable reality of glory with Jesus.

Trust. Pray. Focus on Heaven. Surround yourself with the things of God. Worship Him. Soon this world and suffering will melt away.

Father, I can’t wait till the day when I’m caught up with Jesus in the sky. On that day, everything that seemed to matter and cause pain here on earth will melt away. On that day, I will experience more joy than ever. I can’t wait. Come Lord Jesus!



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