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Take Shelter

Have mercy on me, O God! Have mercy on me! For in you I have taken shelter. In the shadow of your wings I take shelter until trouble passes.
Psalms 57:1 NET

When you are in the middle of trouble, what do you do? How do you deal with it?

It’s easy to get freaked out and panic. Worry and anxiety are also a big part of how many people deal with trouble and problems.

Many search for anything to ease their troubles. But they are just temporary respites.

David went to the Lord! He knew that God could truly help him. He rested in the fact that God would protect and shelter him.

He knew that God is so much stronger, wiser, and bigger than anything else.

How do you take shelter in God?

You learn more about Him and His ways. You start to have faith, in the small things at first, then in the bigger things. You trust that He has you. You obey His commands. You do things according to His ways.

When trouble comes, find your peace and shelter in Him.

Father, thank You that You protect and shelter Your children. Help us to come to you always, instead of trying to figure it all out on our own.


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