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Take A Stand

The Hebrew midwives, however, feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt had told them; they let the boys live.
Exodus 1:17 NASB

Pharaoh was a pretty powerful king. Being that the Hebrew midwives disobeyed him, could have meant certain death. But they chose to follow the Lord rather than the orders of man.

As a result of their obedience to God, the Hebrew people were blessed. These midwives were responsible for saving a whole generation.

There will be times when the commands and the Word of the Lord will go against the law of the land or man’s law. When that time comes, you need to choose who you will obey!

Obeying man is the easy thing to do. It doesn’t disrupt your life or cause you any pain. Your reward will be immediate in that you are left to yourself.

But if you choose to obey God rather than man, there is always the possibility that it will stir up trouble for you. It can be an unpleasant time, even lonely. But your reward is eternal. And, you never know what one act of obedience will do to change or impact a generation.

Lord, help is to walk in the fear of the Lord vs the fear of man. Give us the strength and faith to take a stand for You, whenever it is needed.


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