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Sunsets and You

You are the God who does amazing things; you have revealed your strength among the nations.
Psalms 77:14 NET

Do you serve a God who does amazing things?

You serve someone or something. You serve that which you give your affection, time, money and heart to.

These things might bring temporary pleasure. They might make you feel good. But are they amazing? Do they amaze you by creating great surprise?

God does! He amazes all the time! He puts a sunrise in the sky for you in the morning and a sunset for you in the sky in the evening.

When was the last time you watched the sunrise or sunset? Has it been a while?

As well, has it been a while since you considered how amazing God is?

He can create beautiful scenes in the sky and at the same time meet you right where you are! He can meet your every need.

He paints the sky and will answer your prayers. He is everywhere. He is all-powerful. He is amazing.

Is He amazing to you? Really? Is that evident by the way you live your life or is it a nice sentiment?

This amazing God looks for those who desire to love and serve Him. Do so today!

Father, thank You for the things we take for granted, like a beautiful sunset. Help us to realize that we were created and made for so much more than just a sunset. Help us to bring Your beauty to those who don’t have eyes to see You yet.


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