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Strength for Today

Think of him who endured such opposition against himself by sinners, so that you may not grow weary in your souls and give up.
Hebrews 12:3 NET

Living for Jesus is hard. Jesus acknowledged this. He said if they hate me, they will hate you too.

The world is against the things of God because it reminds them of sin and their ultimate end. People don’t want to be reminded about Hell.

But the way we respond to the hate and ill will of the world is to think about Jesus who endured it all long before you had to.

He was rejected, beaten, killed because they hated Him. Think about Jesus and His end.

The grave didn’t hold Him. He overcame!

And you will too when you live for Him.

You should find your strength in His presence. This is why it is important to take the time to spend with Him, reading the Word, in prayer, in personal and corporate worship.

There is nothing that you are going through that He hasn’t experienced. And He conquered it all!

Until the day when this world and everything not of God passes away, lean on Him. He will give you the strength to not give up.

Father, thank You that You know my heart and thoughts. Thank You for strength to see and get through everyday.


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