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Stop Judging???

For what do I have to do with judging those outside? Are you not to judge those inside? But God will judge those outside. Remove the evil person from among you.
1 Corinthians 5:12-13 NET

You will hear often that we are not supposed to judge. But that isn’t what the Bible says.

Paul wrote to the church in Corinth and told them that they should judge the actions of other Believers who were living in sin.

In 1 Corinthian and other parts of the Bible, sin is equated to yeast. A little yeast leavens the whole dough.

When we allow sin to go unchecked, it will affect others in the church. This is what Paul was saying.

Outside of the church, God will deal with unbelievers. It won’t go well for them on the last day.

Inside of the church, we should steer people away from sin, in love, because it will affect their eternal life and other Believers.

And we see this in God’s Word.

We don’t usually call out sin because we don’t want to be seen as “judging” and mean. But is it meaner to allow someone to go on sinning and move farther away from God, potentially causing others to move away from God too?

Earlier in this chapter, Paul talks about turning someone who was in active sin over to Satan for the destruction of their body, if they didn’t repent and stop sinning.

We never see that today. But it is what the Word of God says.

The point is that this person would feel so far from God, after knowing Him, that he would repent and get right.

When we don’t call sin out, we are approving of it. Jesus never did that. He told the prostitute, “Go and sin no more.”

Lord, help me to love other Believers enough to point out sin. Help me to be bold. But first, help me to deal with any sin in my own life. I desire to live a holy and righteous life for You.


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