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Stop Hiding

So they inquired again of the Lord, “Has the man arrived here yet?” The Lord said, “He has hidden himself among the equipment.”

1 Samuel 10:22 NET

The people of Israel were assembled to find out who would be selected to be their king. Saul’s family was chosen, but Saul wasn’t anywhere to be found.

The crazy thing is that Saul already knew that he was selected by God. The Prophet Samuel had already anointed him earlier.

So why was he hiding in the equipment?

Maybe for the same reason many of us hide from God, we know that the task is too big.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed. We know we are lacking in many areas. If we try to do it on our own, we will fail.

We need God’s help!

The good thing is that God promises to be with you. He promises to help you and provide you with all you need. He never asks you to move in a certain direction and not provide the resources and skills you need.

They might not come in the way you think they should, but if the task is from God, He will show up!

What are you afraid of right now? Maybe removing a relationship from your life? Maybe taking a step of faith in a job move? Maybe trusting God for a healing?

If God is revealing His next step in your life, have faith! Trust Him!

Father, help me to see things from Your perspective. And when I can’t see them, help me to lean into You and trust more.


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