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Start Trusting

Surely he rescues me from all trouble,
and I triumph over my enemies.
Psalms 54:7 NET

Do you REALLY trust the Lord? Do you trust Him to come through for you, even when you can’t see the answer?

The greatest thing is to come to the understanding that you can trust Him, that He will come through.

He is God! There is none like Him!

When your back is up against the wall and the situation looks dire, you can trust in Him.

If you are His, you need to trust that He knows exactly what you need. His ways and thoughts are on a whole different level.

But, you need to start trusting Him on the small things first. Although He is God and can do anything, your mind can’t always make that jump.

It’s one thing to trust Him for something small like, helping you remember the things you learned when you take a test vs. trusting Him for help in a big relationship issue.

He can do it! But, it’s harder for us to believe, trust and obey.

So start trusting Him with the small things. He is in the small things as well as the big things.

Your advantage is that you build trust and faith in Him. And He never fails you!

Father, I thank You that I can trust You. I thank You that I have experienced Your love and mercy and know without a doubt that You want the very best for me.


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