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Standing Firm

“You must not follow a crowd in doing evil things; in a lawsuit you must not offer testimony that agrees with a crowd so as to pervert justice, and you must not show partiality to a poor man in his lawsuit.
Exodus 23:2-3 NET

God the Father expects you to do the right thing no matter what others are doing. He expects His people to walk in integrity.

Depending on the culture you live in and the time period, this could be easy or really hard. But God requires it.

Believers must stand strong in their faith and what they believe in.

Our current world doesn’t have a problem telling Christians to shut up and stay in their place. According to the world, we can believe whatever we want if we just keep it behind closed doors.

But that’s not what the Lord wants. He doesn’t want us militant. But we are to shine our lights. And when light shines, it exposes darkness.

Darkness doesn’t like being exposed. So there is this tension that arises. And we as Believers need to be able to accept that there will be tension in our lives.

And that is better than going along with the crowd when the crowd doesn’t go along with what God requires.

Father, give me the strength to stand and let my light shine. Help me in this world that seems more and more determined to not consider Your goodness.


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