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Split Second

And so Simon Peter also came, following him, and entered the tomb; and he saw the linen wrappings lying there, John 20:6 NASB

I once stumbled on a scene where I found someone that I knew crying. The problem is that this person’s crying looked like laughing. No really!

What made things worse is that because I thought she was laughing, I started cracking jokes. I know, I’m terrible. But let’s admit it, some people laugh and cry funny. Anyway…

For a split second I was looking for a way to respond. If I remember correctly, I apologized and moved to a more empathetic response. Hopefully I helped. I’m not sure.

But it always stuck with me that I made the decision to respond in a split second and that I should be patient and listen more. It’s just that sometimes we come on a scene that is hard for us to wrap out heads around.

When Mary shared with the disciples that she had seen the risen Jesus, John and Peter took off for the tomb. John ran faster and arrived first. But Peter walked in. And what did he see?

Peter saw Jesus’ burial clothes just lying there. Can you imagine how hard that was to understand? What emotions did Peter and John feel in that moment.

In the next few verses, we find both of them behind locked doors. The empty tomb wasn’t enough to start ministering to the world that Jesus was alive!

Thank goodness that Jesus didn’t hold it against them. His next words to them was, “Peace be with you.”

You might need time to grasp all the things that Jesus has done for you. You might need to wrap your head around how much He loves you. You might need time to realize that you need Him.

You have it and you’ve had it!

Now at what point do you get it?

You have time, but at some point, you won’t! That is a scary thought.

He comes to bring you peace today. Will you accept it? Will you accept Him?

Father, let everyone who reads this make a decision for Jesus today!

Peace, Todd

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