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Spiritual Selfishness

16 “As for the word you spoke to us in the name of Yahweh, we are not going to listen to you! 17 Instead, we will do everything we said we would: burn incense to the queen of heaven and offer drink offerings to her just as we, our fathers, our kings, and our officials did in Judah’s cities and in Jerusalem’s streets. Then we had enough food and good things and saw no disaster,
Jeremiah 44:16-17 NASB

Why are people so stubborn when it comes to trusting in the Word of the Lord? Where is the fear of the Lord? Where is the heart that desires to do the will of God? Where is just pure critical thinking? It all goes out the window when people become selfish!

These people were lucky enough to leave Judah before King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it. When they returned, they asked Jeremiah to inquire of the Lord if they should stay or go to Egypt. When Jeremiah responded that they should stay in Judah, they said he was lying and went down to Egypt after all. 

In Egypt, they told Jeremiah that they would continue to worship who they wanted. They even said that the reason they weren’t blessed was because they didn’t continue to worship and sacrifice to the queen of Heaven.

How stupid could these people be?Everything that Jeremiah said about Judah came true in their lifetime. They saw it with their own eyes.

This happens when people get their eyes off of God and purely focus on themselves. And that is the worse place to be! God know you better than you know yourself. He created you! His Word and His ways are the best for us!

It is so important to be in the Word and know what God has said. It is important to know and understand how others responded to God and we’re destroyed for their disobedience.

God has given us a clear picture of what happens to His people that don’t make Him number one in their lives. It is so foolish to live stubborn and only care about what we want.

When will we learn to listen to the Word of God? When will we obey and trust Him? 

Lord keep me from becoming selfish and only desiring what I want. Help me to know Your will, Your Word. Help me to meditate on it and trust You with my whole heart.


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