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Shifting Balances

So as you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but chosen and precious in God’s sight,
1 Peter 2:4 NET

This is important, God doesn’t see things the way the world see things. What matters to God is usually contrary to what matters to the world.

Things might be slightly different in a society that honors God, but that’s not our current situation. We live in a world that doesn’t want anything to do with God.

Christians are counter-cultural.

This means that there should be a difference! The world should see a clear difference between us and them. AND, it should be a difference that they want!

The other side of this is that Believers also need to learn and know what God wants.

We do this by reading the Bible, praying and being lead by the Holy Spirit and fellowshipping with the Saints. We do this by staying in communion with God! We do this by making our relationship with God our first priority.

It’s not popular and many people don’t want to hear this, but what do you need to remove from your life to walk closer with the Lord?

The fact is that we spend so much time filling our lives with junk: TV shows that don’t honor God, music that doesn’t glorify Him, reading and looking at stuff that puts images and thoughts in our mind that run counter to what God wants for us.

Christians don’t invest in their relationship with God outside of going to church on Sunday, if that.

When all you do is go to church, let’s say you attend a two hour service (very rare, but let’s just use that), you spend 112 hours of the week (subtract 8 hours for sleep) filling yourself with all the other junk of this world.

The balances are not tipped in God’s favor, nor does this show that you truly desire God more than anything else.

We need to realign our lives. We need to prioritize and be purposeful of living for Him. We need to do this so we grow and learn what is important to Him…because He doesn’t see things the way the world see things.

Lord, help me to have spiritual eyes that see and love what matters to You. Help me to remove worthless things that don’t mean anything in eternity.


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