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Serving Now

I will serve the Lord in the land of the living.
Psalms 116:9 NET

You have the awesome opportunity to serve the Lord now! You get to serve Him in a time and place when you choose to serve Him. This happens in the midst of so many other options.

And others do choose to serve other people and other things. And when they do, when their lives are focused on other things other than the Lord, they miss out.

Are you waiting for another time to serve the Lord? You are not promised another day. Serve Him today, while you can, while you have breath in your lungs.

We serve the Lord with the way we live our lives generally. But is there something more He is calling you to do?

Is there a program or a volunteer position He wants you to serve in? Does your church need your help.

Serve him now while you have the opportunity. What you do for Him is eternal.

Lord, I desire to bless You. Help me to find the place where I can serve You with my time and talents.


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