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Seeing It Clearly

Then work on the house of God in Jerusalem ceased, and it was stopped until the second year of the reign of Darius king of Persia. Ezra 4:24 NASB

The work of God always has opposition. Satan will do whatever he can to frustrate and slow the work of God.

When those who returned from Persia were determined to rebuild the temple, with permission from Cyrus the Great, non-Jews who lived in the area opposed it.

They resented the Jews and the work of God so much, they sent a letter to the King, a different one at this time, about how rebellious the Jews were.

On the surface, it seemed like the others just resented the Jews. But in truth, this was spiritual warfare. Satan doesn’t want God’s people worshipping in God’s city in God’s temple.

The same is true today! Satan opposes the work of God in any way he can. Satan won’t look like a red guy with a pointed beard and a pitchfork causing trouble. It will look like regular issues causing a slowdown or a hold on the work of God.

Spiritual warfare means battling in the spirit. This happens by prayer, standing on the promises of God’s Word, faith and trust.

But if you’re not spending time with God, real time, not just a few minutes here and there, you’re not going to see the real battle, the real enemy.

Not every issue is a spiritual battle. But when God’s work and His Kingdom are involved, you can bet there is going to be opposition.

Are you ready for that?

Father, help me to see clearly, with spiritual eyes, the path Your work needs to take.

Peace, Todd

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