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and the face-cloth which had been on His head, not lying with the linen wrappings, but rolled up in a place by itself. John 20:7 NASB

It’s easy in our fast paced world to miss little details. Details help us to see things in deeper ways.

One detail that we seem to read over is the difference in the burial clothes in the empty tomb.

John tells us that the cloth that was covering Jesus’ head was rolled up. This is a detail that John thought was important for us to know.

In looking this verse up, there is a lot of commentary on this. A lot of it is very interesting. But on a very basic level, we can say that rolling or folding this cloth up meant that there wasn’t a quick getaway.

In other words, Jesus or someone didn’t rip off Jesus’ burial clothes in haste. No, this shows activity and action in the tomb! Jesus purposely rolled or folded His cloth.

This speaks to life after everyone else thought or believed Jesus was gone. And if this happened for Jesus, it will happen for us too!

The grave isn’t our final resting place. It is just a stop. And whether you believe that we immediately go to Heaven as Believers, or that we stay “asleep” until the Resurrection, the next thing you “know” is that activity is happening again.

Get that last sentence down! The next conscious thing you realize, after you die, is that life is happening again!

This is the hope of the Believer. This is the goal of living for the Lord here on this Earth, that on that day, we will be face to face with Him in eternity!

Are you comfortable with the activity that you will experience after you die? If not, you can be! Just give your life to Jesus and live!

Father, thank You that death holds no power over You. Thank You for life and life more abundantly.

Peace, Todd

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