Glorify God • Magnify Him in this World!


The full moon will be covered up,
the bright sun will be darkened;
for the Lord who commands armies will rule on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in the presence of his assembly, in majestic splendor.
Isaiah 24:23 NET

The sun and moon respond to God! Whatever He wants, they do. They know their Creator. They know that at an instant, they can be destroyed, replaced, renewed, etc…

The question is… do you respond to God?

You are! You do!

The way you live your life, your actions, your beliefs, where you spend your time, all is a response.

And you are either responding favorably or you are responding by wanting to move away from Him. And it is a decision that you make everyday, every moment.

How are you responding to the Lord? Don’t rely on your relationship from three years ago! Respond today!

Father, let my mind, heart, everything, be aligned to Your will. Help me to seek You and desire Your will at every moment of this day.


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