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Reliable Source

When the king heard the words of the law scroll, he tore his clothes.
2 Chronicles 34:19 NET

Information is important to make good decisions. It is smart to get good information, from reliable sources, when you’re making big moves.

I always like to read reviews of products when I need to make a big purchase. The more reviews, the easier my decision is because so many others are sharing their experience.

This is true with you relationship with God too!

You could make decisions on your own or from what you hear from others, but the best thing is to get it from a reliable source, the Bible.

The Kings of Judah had been so evil, that the Word of God wasn’t even considered in helping them make decisions for living. In fact, it wasn’t until years into Josiah’s reign, who had a sensitive Spirit towards the Lord, that the Scroll of the Law was found and read.

Can you imagine that they had to find the Word of God hidden!?!

Josiah was so distraught when he heard the Word that he tore his clothes in anguish. He knew that the Kings of Judah before him we’re evil and now God’s judgement was on the whole land!

But He sought the Lord and the Lord considered his sensitive spirit and didn’t bring destruction down on the nation during his lifetime.

The Word of God helps us walk the path we should take in living for the Lord. Will you be like the Kings of Judah who just cast it aside? Or will you be like Josiah who heard it and humbled himself to walk rightly before the Lord.

The thing is that God doesn’t force you to make a decision. The decision is yours.

Will you trust and obey and follow His Word?

Father, thank You that in this day, there are many version of Your Word that allow me to read it for myself. Help me to always value Your Word and let it light my path.


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