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Reflections of the Past

The time of judgment is about to arrive! The time of retribution is imminent! Let Israel know!

The prophet is considered a fool—
the inspired man is viewed as a madman—
because of the multitude of your sins
and your intense animosity.
Hosea 9:7 NET

When did Israel get off track? When they stopped valuing the things of God!

When the prophet is considered a fool and when one that is inspired by the Holy Spirit is viewed as a madman.

And just like Israel, we are there too!

So many people would rather do anything else other than spend time with the things of God.

People like to get their “heart touched” and have some warm fuzzies, but that is just emotionalism. Emotions go up and down on the current mood and feeling.

But walking with Jesus is rock solid. He never changes. He is constant. The God who moved in the Bible is the same God that looks down on Heaven today.

What will He find? What does He see? What does your life, heart and mind say about who He is to you?

The Bible is there to teach us the good things and the mistakes the people of God made in the past.

Unfortunately, the path society is heading is far away from Him. We have become so self-sufficient that we don’t need Jesus.

And that is the worst place to ever be!

If you read this and you are playing games with God, know that He does get your attention. He did it to Israel. He does it to His people today.

But you don’t have to wait for that. Give Him your time, attention, heart and life now.

Father, help me to always be aware of my need for You. Help me to always come to You to find me help, strength, peace. Help me to stay the course. Where else would I want to be? This life is meaningless without You.


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