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Really Listening

So Eli said to Samuel, “Go back and lie down. When he calls you, say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” So Samuel went back and lay down in his place.
1 Samuel 3:9 NET

Samuel had never heard God’s voice before this time. When he heard God calling to him, he assumed it was Eli.

Eli walked enough with the Lord to be able to identify that God was doing something. He was able to help Samuel know what to do.

And sure enough, God came calling again, but this time, he didn’t get up and go to Eli. He knew what he needed to do.

So he responded to the Lord, “speak your servant is listening.”

And God did!

Would you identify the voice of God if He called out to you? Would you think it was something else? Maybe a dream? Maybe you’re overworked? Maybe you’re extremely tired?

Samuel needed Eli to help him understand how to respond to God. You need that too!

You need to be growing in the Lord. This only comes from spending time with Him, reading and studying His Word, prayer, worshipping with the Saints and making Jesus your top priority.

Nothing else matters more than your relationship with the Lord. Everything else in this life is temporary. But the things of God are eternal.

Lord, help me to listen for and identify Your voice. When I do, give me the strength and joy to follow Your Word so that I may be pleasing to You.


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