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Ready for the End

You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. Mark 13:13 NASB

Jesus talked about persecution. He said that believers would be persecuted because of Him. This was very apparent in the early church, but it is happening here in the present too!

You’re probably not seeing it because you’re not paying attention. You’re not seeing or hearing about it because it isn’t in the mainstream media and social media doesn’t really share it out either.

Christians are getting persecuted because of their belief in Jesus in many places around the globe. But you need to know that it is happening here in the US too. And it will get worse.

At that time, what will you do? Are you strong enough in your faith that you can trust the Lord in the midst of people hating you? Or will their words and threats cause you to put your trust in someone or something else?

For some of you, this will seem very far-fetched. But it is because you’re not paying attention, it will come on you lightening fast!

Just consider how fast things have changed in our world already! Do you wish we had the world of January 2020 or the world of June 2020? It happened lightening fast.

Jesus warned us. The Bible speaks to this. The Bible is 1/3 prophecy! But you don’t hear about that in modern day churches because it scares people and pastors can’t afford to lose people to the church nextdoor.

Maybe, it’s time for you to consider what is coming and prepare spiritually for it!

Father, open up the eyes of Your people so they may fully turn to You in this time.

Peace, Todd

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