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Property, Possessions & Purpose

The prince will not take away any of the people’s inheritance by oppressively removing them from their property. He will give his sons an inheritance from his own possessions so that my people will not be scattered, each from his own property.’”
Ezekiel 46:18 NET

The Lord told Ezekiel that the prince should not oppressively remove someone from their property and their possessions.

In one regard, this speaks to people (non-princes) being wise with money and not taking risks that would get them into financial trouble. In other words, don’t risk your property and possessions, it is too important, even in God’s eyes.

In another regard, it speaks to princes, or those who are in charge (you might read government here), to not find ways to remove people from their property. Again, it is too important to the Lord!


Property, land or your possessions is the way that you provide for you and your family. When you are providing and producing, your self-worth matters. You have a means to add to your family’s income. You are doing what you are supposed to do.

When you lose it all, or it is taken from you, you lose many options and resources. You lose hope and only see obstacles everywhere. It is easy to get down and just wait for it all to go away.

But God doesn’t want you sitting on your couch waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He wants you out there, active, contributing to your family, being a light in this dark world and pointing people to the Kingdom to come.

When you feel like you matter, like you have a purpose, your whole attitude changes.

So understand, you matter to the Lord. He has placed you right where you are for a reason. Your family, your job, your circle of influence is all for a reason.

Support your family, make smart, Holy Spirit led moves and realize that this world isn’t all there is.

You have a purpose and you need to walk in that purpose!

Father, thank You for putting inside of me a purpose that has eternal implications. Help me to walk in Your purpose and plan for Your life. Guide me through the Holy Spirit to glorify You in this way.


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