Glorify God • Magnify Him in this World!

Praise Emphasized

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord!
Psalms 150:6 NASB

God created this world and everything in it to glorify and praise Him. Because of sin and selfishness, His creation moved away from praising Him.

Here the Psalmist ends the Psalms with a repetition of the phrase, praise the Lord. In Jewish literature, this always means emphasis!

What do people see in you? Does your life reflect a life of praise?

What can you do today to express your praise? Music is powerful, but so is your speech and the way you conduct your life.

Join in with all creation and praise Him today…always.

Lord, we have so much to praise You for. Just opening our eyes and having another day is enough! But Your blessings are countless! Find in us a people that would praise Your name in every circumstance.


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