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Plain As That!

So Ephraim has become like a silly dove, without sense;
They call to Egypt, they go to Assyria.
Hosea 7:11 NASB

When Israel wasn’t walking with the Lord like they should, and they were experiencing pressure from another nation, they turned to “playing politics” and aligning themselves with other nations rather than turning to God.

The whole reason they received pressure from other nations was because God was using those nations to turn Israel back to Himself. The Biblical cycle is plain, when the Children of Israel were right with God, they were blessed. When they walked far away from Him, not obeying His commands, they received trouble from the Lord in an effort to turn them back to Him.

The problem is one of stubbornness. They often did not turn back to God. They tried to deal with it and manipulate the situation on their own. The God who brought them out of Egypt, performed mighty miracles, proved Himself over and over again, was never enough for them.

God has made what He desires clear in His Word. If His people would just read it and follow His commands, God’s promises would surround them and they would know the blessings of the Lord. Obedience to His Word is the key. Jesus said those who love me will keep my commands. It’s as plain as that!

Do you know what God requires of you? Do you know what you know because someone told you or you have formed your opinions based on what the current culture has dictated? Or, do you form your opinions and live your life based on the Word of God because you read it and are prayerfully trying to be obedient to His Word?

When we read His Word with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we start to know what God wants from us. We change. We align ourselves more and more with what He wants vs. what we want.

Are you reading His Word? Again, Jesus said that those that love Him would keep His commands. Is the way you live your life based on following His commands? Are there any ideas, views that you have that need to be adjusted to His Word? Don’t wait! Read His Word and adjust to it today!


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