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Perspective the Morning

No Scripture to share today. I’m going to share more from my personal experience this morning.

I woke up feeling a little warmer than I normally feel. As I used the restroom, I realized that air was coming out of the vent, but I didn’t hear the compressor which is outside my restroom window.

My heart sank. The AC can’t go out now. We have a lot of summer to go still!

I checked the thermostat, which affirmed my belief. The temperature was reading warmer than normal.

The house was warmer, but still not unbearable.

I went outside to check the compressor. I could hear a hum, but it wasn’t turning.

I went inside, turned the AC on and off, hoping that would do something, but it did nothing.

I turned the fan off and started my prayer time. It was too early to call someone.

As I prayed, my mind went to my bank account and numbers that people have given me concerning what AC repair and worse, a new compressor costs.

I don’t need this now. I have big bills coming up.

I prayed harder. I asked for favor.

Then I had a thought, what if Jesus came back today?

Wouldn’t that solve all my problems? Of course it would!

When the trumpet sounds and the skies split open to reveal the King of Kings, I’m not going to be worried about my AC compressor! I’m not going to be thinking about anything else other than worshipping Jesus!

That day, the Final Day, will mean so much to people. People will get up that morning, angry, upset, depressed, unloved, worried, broke, happy, excited, maybe looking forward to the new day. It will be a day like any other day.

Until, He makes Himself known!

Then, nothing else matters. I mean nothing! Your promotion, bank account, anger over being mistreated at work, cancer, your boyfriend or girlfriend, nothing at all will matter except if you belong to Jesus!

Your life in Jesus is all that matters at that point! It is all that matters now, in reality!

Until that is settled once and for all in your heart and mind, until you have given your life to Jesus and start living according to His ways, under His Lordship, nothing else matters!

He can come back at any point. And where you are at that point is where you are. There are no spiritual do overs on the Last Day!

So are you ready for that day? If it happened today, would you be ready? Are you born again?

Because if you’re not, the only alternative is Hell!

And Hell isn’t a party with all the people who “partied” on Earth. Hell was created for the Devil and his demons. It wasn’t made for humans. But those who choose to live in disobedience to God’s Word will go there! It is a place of torment like you’ve never known.

You don’t want to go there. Jesus came and died so you wouldn’t. He wants everyone to be saved and live for Him. But He gives you the freewill to choose.

Give your life to Jesus today. Confess your sins, ask Him into your heart and start living according to His ways!

Nothing else matters more than this! Your response to Jesus has eternal implications.

Father, I pray for anyone who will read this. I pray that they give their life to You and start living according to Your ways! Move by the Holy Spirit and impress strongly how important it is to be right with You. And come quickly Jesus! I long for the day you split open the skies. Until then, help me to live for You here and now.


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