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Peace for Jerusalem

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
May those who love her prosper!
May there be peace inside your defenses, and prosperity inside your fortresses!
Psalms 122:6-7 NET

That little plot of land over there in the Middle East, the Nation of Israel, is very important to God.

He chose that spot, for whatever reason, out of all the other spots on the Earth, to focus His attention throughout the centuries.

And because the world hates the things of God, it hates Israel.

They are not perfect by far, but God has His hand on them. And when nation’s turn against it, they are fighting against God.

We should pray for Jerusalem and Israel, that their inhabitants know peace, true peace in the knowledge and salvation of Jesus Christ.

When He comes back, He will setup a New Jerusalem. He has a vested interest in that land!

The world will continue to come against it and it will even seem like it is getting worse. Keep your eyes there! God cares what happens within it’s borders!

Father, I pray that Israel experiences peace, true peace in the power and salvation of Your Son, Jesus. Before the final days, let those who understand look to what You are doing there and rejoice.


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