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Part of His Dwelling

in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.
Ephesians 2:22 NASB

It used to be, that when buildings were erected, they based everythimg off of a cornerstone. It was the standard, perfect. Every other stone that made that building had to line up perfectly with that cornerstone, or the building wouldn’t be straight and stable.

Jesus is the cornerstone. He is perfect, the standard, our example. If we are being built together in a dwelling for God, we need to fit in correctly and line up with the cornerstone.

This means that there is some chipping away and smoothing out that needs to happen. But do you allow it?

Will you allow God to do what He needs to do in your life so that you can be part of His dwelling? It might mean removing things that you have become comfortable with. It might mean chipping away at some character flaws.

And the purpose? So that you will be part of His dwelling! So, do you like to dwell around the things of God? Or do you find yourself running from and neglecting what God is trying to do?

Submit yourself totally to God and start experiencing a joy and peace that you can’t find anywhere else in this world. Be a part of God’s dwelling. Let Him start the work in you. He is faithful and will complete it, and call it good!

I can’t fight against God. If i do, I fight against what God is wanting to do and how He wants to change me.

Instead, I need to ask the Lord, what do I need to change? What do I need to learn? How do I need to respond to You?

When I’m completely open to the Lord, I let the Holy Spirit work. Why wouldn’t I want that?

Lord, thank You for the awesome opportunity to be part of Your family, Your Kingdom, Your dwelling. Help me to trust in You, even when the things around me cause me to want to fight and fix things on my own. I know You are always there.


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