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“But it is still my consolation,
And I rejoice in unsparing pain,
That I have not denied the words of the Holy One. Job 6:10 NASB

Job wasn’t in a good place! He had lost everything, including his health. He was wearing sackcloth, had thrown ashes on his head and was surrounded by friends who weren’t the best at comforting him.

He had reason to be mad! He had reason to lash out! He could have screamed at the Heavens and told God how displeased he was with Him.

But he didn’t.

He rejoiced in the pain.

Why? How?

He still trusted the Lord. He still trusted in His Word.

This is so hard for us to grasp. But Job was coming from a life that had seen the overwhelming faithfulness and blessings of God. He experienced it. He had history with God. And in his time of pain, he leaned in.

Job leaned in to the Word of God. He leaned in to trusting Him.

He still didn’t understand it all. But at least the pain let him know that he was still alive. And while he was alive, he could rejoice, even if it was in the pain.

Because while we are alive, even if there is pain, there is still hope.

Cling to the hope, because you have experienced Him before. Or cling to hope knowing that God is Sovereign to give you the experience He wants you to have. Either way, cling to hope, cling to Him.

Father, when all seems lost , give Your people hope to look to You and Your Word to find comfort and peace.

Peace, Todd

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