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Our Nation

Certainly the Lord does not forsake his people; he does not abandon the nation that belongs to him.
Psalms 94:14 NET

There is a benefit to belonging and serving the Lord. He blesses and looks after His people.

Of course, we don’t serve Him because of what we can get out of Him. But in this, He shows His love and care for us.

So for the Believer, we should take in to account the spiritual temperature of our nation. Since the Scripture says that He doesn’t abandon His people, a question that we should ask is, is our nation serving the Lord?

If not, then we are in trouble. The Word of God shows over and over what happens to nations who don’t acknowledge God.

The next question is even more important. Are we His? He does not forsake His people the Scripture says.

So even if the world around us is falling apart, He still has us. Even if we lose our lives…here on this Earth, He still has us.

This isn’t our final destination, but until then, there is a responsibility that we have. Stand and be counted for Him where you are. Shine your light. Be prepared to give a Word in due season.

Are you moving towards the things of God? If you are not intentional, you won’t be! Now is the time to secure your footing, sharpen your sword, prepare to stand!

This world is spiraling downward fast. If you are not prepared, it will catch you off guard.

Press into Jesus more than ever before. Your family, friends and others will need direction.

Will you be prepared to point them to the Lord?

Lord, keep me focused and in tune with Your will. Let me be a light that helps others find You.


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