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Not Just the Blessings

The Lord has done what He purposed;
He has accomplished His word
Which He commanded from days of old.
He has thrown down without sparing,
And He has caused the enemy to rejoice over you; He has exalted the might of your adversaries.
Lamentations 2:17 NASB

The Lord is true to His Word. His promises in the Bible are true and He stands by them. If He doesn’t, then none of His promises are true, and He would then be a liar. So everything in His Word is followed. He has laid it out plain and clear for everyone to know.

But this isn’t true for blessings only. This is true for His discipline, and for the curses that He said would fall on those who don’t live according to His plan. This is even for His own people!

The nation of Israel lived so long under God’s blessings that they believed that they were blessed just because. They didn’t think they needed to follow His Word. As a result, they went into captivity. They were exiled away from the land of Israel and saw the temple of God destroyed. They endured many hardships because of their disobedience.

You have His Word. Do you know it? Are you seeking Him out through the Word or do you form your opinions of life, how you will live and think about Jesus, by current culture and the media?

There are no excuses! What matters more to you? You have to make the Lord a priority. He does not play second to anyone. He doesn’t tolerate disobedience. But He blesses like crazy His sons and daughters who put Him first.

Learn from the Israelites. Don’t tempt God’s hand because you didn’t take the time to follow His commands. The alternative, is a life full of joy and peace in Him! Why wouldn’t you want that?

Lord, put a love for Your Word in our hearts. Help us to desire Your commands and be obedient to them. Help us to serve You with all our strength, because we know nothing else on this Earth or in Heaven is worthy.


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