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“Shall I eat the flesh of bulls Or drink the blood of male goats? “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving And pay your vows to the Most High; Psalms 50:13-14 NASB

God wasn’t ever interested in the blood and sacrifices that happened in the Temple and on altars. This was done to remind His people of what sin does.

God didn’t start things off with sacrifices. In fact, the first time you see an animal killed in the Bible is right after Adam and Eve sinned. They had to see the consequences of their sin as an animal lost its life to give them a covering.

God is God. He never needed sacrifices. Instead, they reminded His people of the price of sin and disobedience.

What He really desires is a life that is sold out to Him! He wants lives that walk according to His ways.

He desires lives that point back to Him and cause others to see that He is real and is full of love.

This still applies today! Many people think that a day or a week of sacrifice puts them in good standing with the Lord. It doesn’t. What He wants is a heart that is totally given over to Him at all times, not just some of the time.

Are you sacrificing or are you living the life daily?

Father, help me to live a life that always honors You, not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Peace, Todd

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