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None Other

3 “You shall have no other gods before Me.
Exodus 20:3 NASB

It’s so simple right? No other gods? Who bows down before other gods in this modern world? I mean, we don’t have temples and altars going on every street corner. But that’s the rub…

Our acts of worship are not just based on WHO we SAY we worship. Our worship is seen and known by the way we conduct our lives and what we place first in our life.

Money, fame, friends, material things, work… you name it. They can all be your god. You give it all your time, attention, desire, focus…it is your god. But in the end, it all burns up. It is meaningless!

If you are honest, do you put anything else before your relationship with God? If so, you need to realign yourself. Get right with God!

If you need to, remove that thing from your life. Be proactive, intentional about taking time for the Lord. We’re talking longterm here! One day, time will be up. The money in the bank won’t matter. Your degrees won’t matter. The size of your house or your friends list won’t matter!

Your relationship with God will be the only thing that matters. What kind of relationship will you end up with?

Lord, let the desire of my heart be for You. I truly want nothing else. Everything else is temporary and only for this world. But You are forever. Give me the discernment to see the things I out before You. Give me the strength I need to remove it too!


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