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No Turning Back

Large numbers of those who had practiced magic collected their books and burned them up in the presence of everyone. When the value of the books was added up, it was found to total fifty thousand silver coins. In this way the word of the Lord continued to grow in power and to prevail.
Acts 19:19-20 NET

When people find something real and great, they are willing to make a big change to their lives to continue in what they’ve found.

In Ephesus, people who practiced magic were willing to burn up their expensive books to make a public confession that they weren’t going back to that.

Of course, when you burn something up, it’s gone.

And these books weren’t cheap either. They were valuable. So it cost these Believers something more than just saying they would follow Jesus.

Are you willing to give up everything that is not of God or that doesn’t honor God to serve and live for Him?

Are you willing to make hard decisions to make sure that you are following God’s ways, even if they aren’t popular with the world and even your friends and family?

It is the most important decision that you will make in your life, to follow Jesus. And like the song says, “no turning back, no turning back,” this understanding should be cemented in our minds and hearts! Because nothing compares to Jesus! Nothing!

Father, I thank You that my life in You is settled without question. Help those around me, let me help them if possible, to understand that in You is all the peace, joy, love and mercy one would ever need.


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