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No Options

Then Jesus said to her, “O woman, your faith is great; it shall be done for you as you wish.” And her daughter was healed at once. Matthew 15:28 NASB

We like options. We like to have different choices. When we are confined to one or two, unless it is some novelty item, we aren’t happy.

But spiritually, there are no other REAL options. There is only one, Jesus!

The Syrophoenician woman understood this. Her child was demon- possessed and there was no other option for her, other than Jesus.

This woman wasn’t a Jew. Jesus was coming for the Jews first and then the Gentiles. But this woman couldn’t wait. She was desperate. Again, to her, there wasn’t any other option. She needed Jesus!

Are we like the Syrophoenician woman or do we only come to Jesus when we have exhausted all other options?

This woman wouldnt take no for an answer. She was willing to be humiliated and made fun of, just so that her daughter would be healed. There was no other option than to go to the One who could really help her.

And Jesus said her faith was great!

Are you looking for answers, healing, blessings everywhere before coming to the Lord? Save yourself a ton of trouble! Have some real faith and come to the Lord first.

Let Him look down on you and say you have great faith and then watch Him move.

Father, let my first response, my first desire be to always come to you first.

Peace, Todd

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