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My Treasure

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Luke 12:34 NASB

For the person who doesn’t believe in God, time is the enemy. Non-believers work their whole lives for the hope and dream to one day retire and rest. How many actually get to do that?

For the believer in Christ, time is just a thing. We know our time on this Earth is temporary, and while we are here, we should work to further the Kingdom. But breathing our last here on Earth, means being with Jesus in Heaven.

Then, in Heaven, time won’t matter! What will matter are lives that we touched with the love of Jesus. Things we think of riches here, like gold, will be part of the street! People though, they are who Jesus came for. Jesus came and sacrificed to make men right with God.

The world would want us to focus on riches and fame. We need to focus on what God thinks is important. We need to have a right relationship with Him and help others to get right too!

What should I be doing in my life right now to accomplish God’s purpose for my life, not mine?

What do I need to give up? What do I need to choose? What should I start doing? Who should I invest in?

Lord, I need You to show me by the Holy Spirit, my course. I want to be pleasing in Your sight. I want to bring You glory, not just now, but for all eternity.


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