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And He said, “Bring them here to Me.” Matthew 14:18 NASB

The internet has opened up a host of opportunities for those wanting to craft and those interested in DIY. Simply search for a project on YouTube, Pinterest or see something on social media.

But many times, the things that are usually created don’t look anything like what is shown online. A step is missed here or an explanation wasn’t correct there. Then we have a mess on our hands.

In Matthew 14, Jesus asked the disciples to not send the 5,000 people away, but to feed them. They looked at their small amount of food and realized they had a mess on their hands. There was no way they could pull this off.

That’s when Jesus said, “bring them to me.” That makes all the difference! When Jesus gets His hands on your resources, things come out perfect, according to God’s will.

What is going on in your life right now that you are trying to handle? What mess do you have on your hands and can’t get it under control with the resources that you have?

Your mess and your resources could be mental, physical, financial, relational, social, etc. It doesn’t matter! When you “bring it to Jesus,” He works with what you have and makes it great!

Take it to Jesus. Let Him take care of it. Depend on Him.

Father, help me to take my hands off the mess I get myself into and turn it over to You. Forgive my stubbornness and help me to trust and depend on You more.

Peace, Todd

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