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Memories that Matter

“Also in the time when you rejoice, such as on your appointed festivals or at the beginnings of your months, you must blow with your trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings, so that they may become a memorial for you before your God: I am the Lord your God.”
Numbers 10:10 NET

In our lifetime, we make so many memories. Some we want to remember and some we desire to forget.

But the memories that include the Lord should be special to you. They are a reminder that the God of all creation reaches down from Heaven and loves you.

What memories, what times can you look back and see the Lord at work in your life?

Remember that God knows you. He knows you intimately. He is a God that comes close. He, in your life, is more important than many other things that we at times put before Him.

Honor Him with your memories.

You might want to start a journal just with the things and ways God has shown up for you. Or, you might want to jot them down in the back of your Bible.

Take time to review and even share the times God has done something memorable in your life. You might find that He has done more than you realize.

Lord, thank You for making Yourself real. Thank You that I can look back and see Your hand in my life.


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