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Make Haste

Moses made haste to bow low toward the earth and worship.

Exodus 34:8 NASB

Most Christians dont understand worship. For many, it’s music or a service. Moses understood it was a position in life.

Understanding his need for the Lord in his life, Moses made haste, he didnt waste time, to get in front of the Lord and bow down to worship.

He understood his life was nothing, a vapor. He knew that his life was all owed to the Lord. He would have rather stayed in the dry and barren desert with the Lord than to have all the goodness that the Promised Land had to offer, without the Lord.

Is your life void of the Lord? Or do you give Him a little spot in your week, enough to satisfy your spiritual need, but thats all? If you do, then you dont truly worship Him. A life of worship is a total surrender to your will and desire. It is making haste to worship Him and allowing Him to direct your steps.

Take the time to worship Him. Not by going to church on one day of the week. But come to Him and wait for His next step for your life. Learn to listen to His voice. Learn what His Word, the Bible says, then do it.

Everyday should be filled with making haste to worship Him. That is where your life begins. That is where your joy is found. That is when you find true peace.

Lord, give everyone reading this, the desire to push everything aside and come running to your feet to worship. Let them know that is the missing piece in their life.


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