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Looking Forward

Remember Lot’s wife. Luke 17:32 NASB

God sent angels to Sodom to remove Lot, his wife and two daughters. They didn’t want to leave. The city and that lifestyle had such a pull on them that that the angels had to pull them out of the city.

They were running for their life. But in all the chaos, Lots wife turned back to look at her precious life that she was leaving behind. And as she did, she turned into a pillar of salt.

Jesus, in talking about living the life of faith, and in the middle of talking about the Second Coming, says to remember Lot’s wife.

Why? Because He knew how much of a pull this life has on us. We shouldn’t let it though. Our lives should be so tied to Jesus that we never want to look back at what was.

Do you find yourself doing that, looking back? When you do and you long for those days, you minimize the future God has for you.

Start looking forward! Start expecting what the Lord has for you now and in the future.

What He has for you is far greater than you can imagine!

Don’t look back, look forward!

Father, thank You for taking care of my past and for what is waiting for me in the future.

Peace, Todd

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