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Looking Back

“Oh that I were as in months gone by,
As in the days when God watched over me; Job 29:2 NASB

It’s easy to look back at a different time in your life and desire that time again. How far would you go back? 3 months? 1 year? 10 years?

The problem with looking back is that IT IS THE PAST. You know how it all went down. You lived it!

And many times, we remember the past better than it actually was.

Job wished he could go back too. He longed for the days when everything was good and he was blessed. It’s understandable. No one likes to be in the storm.

But if he would have gone back to the past, he wouldn’t have seen how God was going to bless him in the near future! Job’s later days were far better and more blessed than his earlier days.

Yes, there was pain. But it lasts for a moment.

When we desire the past, when we long to go back there, we miss what God wants to do in our lives today and in the future. Looking back, instead of looking forward stunts the blessings of God because you miss them right in front of your eyes.

Are you looking backward, desiring a “better” time? Ask the Lord to show you His goodness. Open your eyes to see what He is doing in your life right now! You might be surprised how He is setting it all up, getting you ready for the big blessing! Don’t miss it!

Father, thank You that Your mercies are new every morning and that You have a great future in store for me.

Peace, Todd

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