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Like Yesterday?

But rebels and sinners shall be broken together, and those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed.
Isaiah 1:28 ESV

There always comes a breaking point! There is a time when things shift and adjustments need to be made. We experience this in life all the time.

But many don’t think that God operates like this too! There is a time for Him when He says, enough of this!

What then? What happens?

Well, we look at how God has worked before in history. We examine what He has done in His Word. Is there a pattern?

Yes! There is a pattern! When God’s people obeyed Him, there were blessings and peace. When they disobeyed, there was consequences, severe consequences!

Why wouldn’t we think that God would do this today? Why wouldn’t we think that He would operate in the same way that He has always operated?

Along with the Lord’s consequences, there has always been warnings. There have always been signs that point to what is coming. Of course, they don’t usually do any good because people don’t listen.

But that doesn’t stop the consequences from coming!

Look around! What would the Lord say to us today? And what would He require of His people? What moves the heart of God?

Don’t guess at it! Don’t think the way society thinks! Don’t just jump on the most recent feel good idea that you hear about in the media!

Look in His Word and find out what moves the heart of God!

It should move yours too!

Father, help me to listen and act according to Your will. Nothing is more important to me than to honor You.


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