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Like Hezekiah

He trusted in the Lord God of Israel; in this regard there was none like him among the kings of Judah either before or after. He was loyal to the Lord and did not abandon him. He obeyed the commandments which the Lord had given to Moses.
2 Kings 18:5-6 NET

It really isn’t that hard. Hezekiah trusted in the Lord. He did this so much that there wasn’t any other King like him.

And how did he accomplish this? He obeyed, not read, not listened to, not heard a sermon, but obeyed the commandments the Lord gave Moses.

It’s not hard!

But it does take desire.

It takes a desire to please God versus self or man.

This desire is for all times, not just when things are going well. The verse says Hezekiah didn’t abandon God.

In the next chapter, the account of the invasion of Assyria is given. And guess what? Hezekiah didn’t abandon God!

In fact, he went before the Lord to inquire of Him and then he listened and obeyed!

God loves His people. He has a plan for His people that is greater than you can possibly imagine. He won’t abandon You!

Trust Him, even in the bleakest of hours. Lean on His Word, which He has given to you to comfort you, but to also know how He is faithful.

Don’t give up seeking His face! He knows what He is doing in YOUR LIFE!

Father, I thank You that I can rest assured that You have my very best interest always in mind. And Your ways are not confined to this world or this life. I thank You that I’m Yours! And I thank You that I can trust in You, no matter what the situation looks like.


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