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Knowing It

They were watching Him to see if He would heal him on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse Him. Mark 3:2 NASB

We have to be careful that we don’t turn the blessings of God into a curse.

This happens when something that is not in the Word of God becomes “the way we’ve always done it,” like hymnals, church organs, church buildings, church on Sunday at a certain time, etc. Removing or changing something like this can cause a stir. But these things are not found in the Bible. They were something that was helpful for that time.

Again, these things aren’t wrong, until someone puts more spiritual significance on them than they were really meant to be.

The same thing happened to Jesus. God gave the Jews the Sabbath as a time to rest and reflect on the goodness of God. By the time Jesus came on the scene in the Gospels, it had become a whole other thing. It was so bad that when Jesus healed a guy, they conspired to kill Him.

Can you imagine that? Here’s a guy who is sick and hurting. Jesus heals him and they want to kill Him for it! All because He did it on the Sabbath.

Don’t read more or less into the Word of God than what is there. But to do this, it requires you read and know what the Word says.

If you dont know what the Word says for yourself, you’ll be influenced by the words and thoughts of others who interpret the Word wrongly.

What is keeping you from His Word?

Father, help me to always divide the Word of truth correctly.

Peace, Todd

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