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Kingdom Come, Will Be Done

‘Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10 NASB

This verse taken from The Lord’s Prayer is an important one. We probably quickly recite it when we say the prayer, not thinking about it too much.

Are you seeking His Kingdom? Are you ready for it to come? One day, His Kingdom will be fully realized to all! But for the Christian, it would have already been realized in their heart and mind. You see, when you think in an eternal mindset, His Kingdom is already made real to you.

Secondly, do you seek His will for your life? Most don’t. Most seek their own will and hope that the Lord will bless their endeavors. But the Father knows what He created you for. He knew before you were formed in your mother’s womb. He has a plan for you. Doesn’t it make sense to walk in His plan? His will?

This is a drum that has been beaten by every man and woman who has a deep relationship with God, there is no substitute for drawing close to Him. 

Are you seeking His Kingdom? Do you want His will for Your life? Then you need to draw close to Him. There is no other way!

Stop making excuses! Stop saying tomorrow I will start! Stop allowing other things to get in the way of your relationship with Jesus! Maybe it’s time for you to be bold! Maybe it’s time for you to stop being a victim! Maybe it’s time for you to get on your hands and knees and cry out to Him. He will never forsake a heart that comes after Him! He paid the ultimate price for you to be able to walk into the presence of God. Don’t take it for granted!

What holds you back? Stubbornness? Fear of what others might say? The idea that you will have to give up some things to get right with God? 

I can tell you, nothing compares to knowing Him intimately. You’ve known people who have been there. You’ve seen it. You desire it because you know it’s real. Those people who are close to the Lord are there because they do it purposefully. They have given up the world to seek Him for all eternity.

Don’t delay. Do it today. Seek His Kingdom and His will. Those that truly do, never regret it!

This only comes from getting close to Him. You get close to Him by reading Scripture, praying and being obedient to His ways. These consistent, daily steps, do more for you than anything else you can possibly do to get close to the Lord. 

Lord, there is nothing else I desire in this world. I pray that you look deep within my heart and see a man who diligently seeks You. There is nothing else. You are my all.


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