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Justice Justice

You must pursue justice alone so that you may live and inherit the land the Lord your God is giving you.
Deuteronomy 16:20 NET

God is big on justice! The original language here repeats the word justice. When words are repeated in Hebrew, it means it should be emphasized – justice, justice!

God loves that which is right.

Today, this seems hard to find. It is there, but seems harder and harder to see the more this world gets away from God.

God’s people however, can shine a light. We can do what is right while we can. But we must remember that the world treated Jesus wrongly too!

And He was ok, because He knew the world didn’t have anything on Him. He knew the true Judge was on the throne in Heaven and He ruled over all!

Know that injustice will be realized more and more as we move towards the End. But the verdict the world puts on you isn’t the final verdict.

One day, justice will be served. And it will come from a truly Righteous Judge.

Father, again, thank You that this world isn’t all there is. I look forward to the day when all things are made new in Your presence. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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