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It Is Written

And Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live on bread alone.’” Luke 4:4 NASB

How does a Believer effectively deal with all the challenges in life, especially the spiritual ones?

After Jesus was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, He went into the desert to fast. There He was tempted by the devil.

The way Jesus dealt with the temptations is very important to us as Believers!

He didn’t come up with a 3 point plan. He didn’t search the internet or search on Google. He didn’t ask three friends for advice and setup a meeting with the pastor to discuss the issue. He didn’t even say something like, “Hey do you know who I Am?”

No! He dealt with the devil using the Word!

Everytime the devil came at Him, Jesus quoted Scripture! “It is written,” was repeated over and over again.

As a young Believer going to camp, Brother Tommy would always say, “The first thing Jesus said in His Earthly ministry was, It is written. The last thing He said was, It is finished. If you can find where it is written, you can tell the devil it is finished.”

The point is that we need to be in the Word and know it! We need to know what God says about us in His Word and learn all His promises. We need to learn from Jesus’ example and be ready to let the Word guide us, along with the Holy Spirit.

God helps us to understand who He is and how He operates in this world according to His Word. When we neglect His Word, we run the risk of making it all up as we go, instead of being led by Him!

This is even more important now than ever! Take the time to get into His Word. Any time you spend in the Bible is well worth it.

Father, illuminate Your Word to me through the Holy Spirit.

Peace, Todd

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