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Is It Time to Take a Trip?

For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.
Psalms 57:10 ESV

We often talk about love. It can be an abstract topic and go very many ways. One way that we talk about love is when we refer to God’s love for us.

It’s easy to think of God’s love the way that we think of the love we receive from others. Many times it is measured in time and amounts.

But God’s love is huge!

We can’t really grasp it all in truth. It’s like always reading about a mountain, or seeing pictures. You might know facts. You might even recognize certain markers. But you don’t grasp the significance of it until you go visit the mountain, stand at the base and take in how big it is.

God’s love is more than enough for you. And if you don’t recognize that right now, you might just have a head knowledge of Him.

It might be time to take a trip to the base of the mountain and take in how huge it is!

Maybe it’s time to spend a long visit with the Lord and take Him all in!

Don’t let the worries of the world take your attention away from Him!

Father, always remind me of how much You love me. And help me to keep that sacred in my life so nothing takes Your place.


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