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In His Time

Realize that it is coming and it will be done, declares the sovereign Lord. It is the day I have spoken about.
Ezekiel 39:8 NET

You can plan. You can make schedules. You can prepare everything perfectly. But you need to remember that God is in control and He works on His time!

And when He is ready, nothing will prolong His desire. It will be done!

The way Believers need to navigate this is to stay close to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we keep ourselves in a place where we can hear from Him.

In this way, we find ourselves on the right side of what God is doing.

Are you fighting to have your own way? Or are you in step with what the Lord wants to do?

Father, direct my steps on the path that you have for me. Help me to stay sensitive to Your desires for me.


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