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In Half a Sentence

And when they had crucified Him, they divided up His garments among themselves by casting lots.
Matthew 27:35 NASB

The Gospel of Matthew only devotes half a sentence to the crucifixion of Jesus. I’m not talking about the crucifixion story. I’m talking about the actual crucifixion of Christ.

The Gospel of Matthew doesn’t talk about laying down the cross, then laying Jesus on it. It doesn’t reference the soldiers stretching out his arms and picking up the best spikes. Matthew doesn’t say how many strikes it took for the spikes to go through His flesh and into the cross. You don’t read about how they lifted up the cross and set it in the ground with a rough thump, with Jesus on it.

You get half a sentence that He was crucified.

Books have been written and movies have been made about the crucifixion. We know how bad it was. But that isn’t what Matthew wants us to focus on.

Matthew moved real quick over the specifics and technical aspects of how Jesus was nailed to the cross. Why? 

The how is not as important as the why. Why did He get crucified? Jesus died to pay your sin debt and allow you to come into a right relationship with the Father.

Focus on the why! Be reminded today and everyday that Jesus made a way for you to get close to the Father. Don’t take that for granted. Don’t let it slip by you as you do life.

Jesus paid the ultimate price so that you could be righteous in the presence of God.

When you look at your life before accepting Jesus, let the hurt, pain, discouragement and loneliness be half a sentence. But focus on the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, the power of His Word and the communion of the saints. This matters!

Lord help me to keep my eyes on what truly matters. Help me to stay in Your presence and seek Your face. Help me to forget all the rest that has brought me to this point in life, all but You.


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