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Impossible, But…

27 Daniel replied to the king, “The mystery that the king is asking about is such that no wise men, astrologers, magicians, or diviners can possibly disclose it to the king. 28 However, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries, and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will happen in the times to come. The dream and the visions you had while lying on your bed are as follows.
Daniel 2:27-28 NET

Daniel saved all the “wisemen” in Babylon because he bravely asked for time to pray so that God would reveal the Kings dreams.

King Nebuchadnezzar asked for an impossible act, to reveal and interpret his dreams. However, he didn’t share with anyone what the dream was about.

But God revealed it to Daniel.

It was impossible, but not with God.

This isn’t about God revealing dreams, this is about God answering prayer.

God speaks today, just like He did to Daniel. Are you listening? Would you be able to identify His voice if you heard it?

You might be missing out if you are allowing all the voices of this world and age to speak louder than God.

Have you ever wondered what God would say to you?

We have His Word. We should know it.

But have you ever listened for God?

He is speaking and moving all around you!

We miss Him because we are distracted. We miss Him because we want what we want instead of what He wants. We miss Him because we don’t know His voice.

How do you currently recognize voices on the other side of a phone today? You recognize other voices because you’ve spent time with that person.

It’s the same with God!

Lord, let Your voice be the loudest. Let Your voice be the one I listen to. Help me to never miss You. Speak, Your servant is listening.


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